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The Princess Diaries

Lyrics by Sonya Hayden; Music by Jaime Jarrett

15-year-old Mia Thermopolis just wants to survive 10th grade. But upon learning she is the heir to a small European kingdom, she must find her self-confidence and decide whether to become the princess of Genovia. Based on the 2001 film. Written for the BMI Workshop (educational purposes only!).

"A Princess"

Mia's regal grandmother, the Queen, teaches her how to be a princess.

"Snow One Else for Me" - Happy holidays!

Music by Sonya Hayden; Lyrics by Alara Magritte

Performed by Serena Berman & Jenna Levere

Accompanied by Ayumi Okada

McGuire & Simon's 9th Annual Holiday Salon, NYC

In this snowmance, two snowmen fall in love but are stuck in opposite yards - can their love bridge the asphalt dividing them?

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Feb 2020

My songs “If I Didn’t Know Better”  and “The Sky Is the Limit” (music by Matthew Lowy) were featured in First Stage: A Concert for Emerging Writers in NYC.  Listen to these songs here!

Sept 2019

Our musical Taking Off! (book by Rachel Sklar, music by Matthew Lowy) had a reading at the Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center, NYC.  Listen to a song from the show here!

Taking Off poster.jpg

Taking Off! A New Musical Farce 
(in development)

Lyrics by Sonya Hayden
Music by Matthew Lowy
Book by Rachel Sklar

Full-length, comedy, 8 actors (3M, 5F)

Taking Off! is a new full-length musical comedy set in 1970, when air travel was glamorous and leg room was infinite.  Enthusiastic but utterly inept flight attendant Cecelia bumbles through her first overseas flight, juggling passengers’ demands and inadvertently thwarting handsome Castilian passenger Francisco’s attempts to execute a diamond heist.  In this wacky, high-flying musical farce, the sky is the limit and life vests are optional!  Listen here.

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Death at the Airport:

A Post-Truth Tale

By Sonya Hayden

Death at the Airport:

A Post-Truth Tale

10-minute, dark comedy, 2 actors (1M, 1F)

When straight-laced journalist Jack is detained by an unnervingly upbeat airport security officer, Jack discovers he is the victim of an unusual mix-up: he is officially considered dead, having supposedly perished along with his family in a recent terrorist attack.  But the alleged attack never really took place – or did it?  Death at the Airport explores the hilarious and bizarre implications of living in an age of fake news and alternative facts and considers who controls the narrative of history.

Taking Off! A New Musical Farce

Lyrics by Sonya Hayden; Music by Matthew Lowy; Book by Rachel Sklar 

Enthusiastic but utterly inept flight attendant Cecelia bumbles through her first overseas flight, inadvertently thwarting a handsome Castilian passenger’s attempts to execute a diamond heist.

"The Sky Is the Limit"

The plane has taken off, and we meet Cecelia.

Reading, Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center, 2019

Nov 2015

My play All the Way Home had a workshop and reading at Theatre Intime at Princeton University.

The Mirror Girl

Diet Apples

By Sonya 


The Mirror Girl

One-act, theater for young audiences, drama,

5-11 actors (1M, 4-8F)

When insecure teenager Snow is transferred to a new high school, she goes to extreme lengths to meet the standards of beauty set by popular classmate Queenie, spiraling into anorexia and risking hospitalization.  Inspired by the Snow White fairytale, The Mirror Girl explores body image issues and the cost of our expectations for female beauty.


Crazy But True: A New Musical
Book and lyrics by Sonya Hayden; Music by Jon Hugo Ungar

Stuck in unfulfilling jobs and disillusioned with life, two quirky individuals find an unexpected connection in a subway station.

"Crazy But True (Part 1)"

"It's Not Rocket Science" (excerpt) from Zero Gravitas

Lyrics by Adam Mastroianni; Music by Sonya Hayden 

Two astrophysicists decide to relocate their family to a research facility in outer space, much to the chagrin of their children.

It's Not Rocket Science (excerpt) - Sonya Hayden & Adam Mastroianni
00:00 / 00:00

"Once Upon a Tide" from Tropic Blunder

Lyrics by Allison Light, Claire Ashmead & Sonya Hayden 

Music by Sonya Hayden 

While vacationing a tropical island, perpetually anxious Gary meets a mysterious woman who tells him the story of a curse placed on the island. 

Once Upon a Tide - Sonya Hayden, Allison Light & Claire Ashmead
00:00 / 00:00

Tea Time

By Sonya


Tea Time

2-minute, comedy, 2 actors (0M, 2F)

After a rhinoceros rampages across the front lawn in the middle of tea time, elderly friends Clarisse and Agnes ponder the unexpected nature of life.

Zero Gravitas

Princeton Triangle Club

"Space Is the Place"

Lyrics by Adam Mastroianni; Music by Sonya Hayden

Orchestration by Sonya Hayden and Steve Wexler

Two astrophysicists relocate their family to outer space, much to the chagrin of their children. Show trailer (song starts at 0:43):

"Different Places"

Despite their different backgrounds, Sarah and Sam connect over their shared love of art.

Different Places (excerpt) - Sonya Hayden
00:00 / 00:00

"Dress Up"
While sorting through their mother's belongings after her funeral, Sarah and her brother Robert reminisce about playing dress up as children and the process of growing up.

Dress Up (excerpt) - Sonya Hayden
00:00 / 00:00

"The Village"

The denizens of Greenwich Village entice Sarah to join them.

The Village (excerpt) - Sonya Hayden
00:00 / 00:00

Sonya Hayden


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