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The Dictator's Dentist

By Sonya Hayden

Full-length, dramedy, 7 actors

In this darkly absurdist dramedy, charismatic dentist Hugo Schmidt struggles to make ends meet in early 1930s Germany, but when offered a job on rising politician Adolf Hitler’s medical team, his morals begin taking a back seat to his ambitions. The play explores complicity, personal responsibility, and the cost of silence in the face of injustice.

Dental Tools in Pocket
ALL THE WAY HOME facebook event.jpg

All the Way Home

By Sonya Hayden

Full-length, comedy, 7 actors

In a world of conniving mothers, tequila bottles, and Pilates classes, Mary struggles to reconcile society’s expectations for her with the life she wants to have. All the Way Home is a comedic and poignant exploration of relationships, self-discovery, and the childhoods we never leave behind.

Cassie Goes to Congress

By Sonya Hayden

One-act, comedy, 5 actors

When her baby penguin brother dies due to the sea ice breaking up too early, determined emperor penguin Cassie travels to Congress to convince them to do something about climate change before it's too late.

1. Cassie.jpg

Nadia Diamond as Cassie, 2022
Photo credit: Terrell Lopez

Flying Chairs

There's Always Tomorrow

By Sonya Hayden

One-act, drama, 2 actors

Determined Harper longs to explore the world beyond her conservative Southwest Virginia town but obstacles of marriage and motherhood constrain her as the years of her life slip away. There’s Always Tomorrow is a poignant exploration of how our identities, relationships, and worldviews are shaped by our upbringing and the places we call home.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

By Sonya Hayden

One-act, comedy, 6 actors

In an animal-populated film noir-esque world, foxy fox heiress Isabella hires hardboiled Private Eye Zorro Valiente, who must confront a suspicious racoon, armadillo, and his archnemesis El Aterrador to find the thief threatening to steal Isabella’s priceless diamond anklet.

pexels-photo-1420706 sheep.jpeg

The Clumps

By Sonya Hayden

One-act, drama, 2 actors

A plucky American student meets a spry elderly Englishman on a hike in the British countryside, but neither is who they claim to be, and the surrounding hills hold a dark secret which threatens one or both of their lives.

By Sonya Hayden

What in Creation Was That All About?

One-act, comedy, 5 actors

This zany retelling of the biblical Creation story re-imagines God and his angels as a bunch of bros who decide to create Earth in seven days on a whim – much to the dismay of overworked angel Gabriel, who struggles to implement all of the wacky ideas in the limited time frame.

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Baubles image.jpeg

Baubles, Bangles, and Bankruptcy

By Sonya Hayden

10-minute play, comedy, 4 actors

Bauble makers Betsy and Billy clash over their commitment to their relationship and bedazzled handicrafts when their beloved baubles and bangles boutique goes bankrupt. Simultaneously, their younger selves open the boutique for the first time, brimming with hope for their future.  Will their glittering dreams of youth stand the test of time or are they as breakable as a bauble?

Just Like Magic

By Sonya Hayden

10-minute, drama, 2 actors

Locked together in a closet by their children, unhappily married couple Marisa and Chris will do anything to escape—both from the closet and each other. Trapped together, their resentments and frustrations boil over, forcing a decision about their commitment to their relationship.

Magic Hat, Wand and Cards

Circus Act

By Sonya Hayden

5-minute, drama, 2 actors

Two people conjoined at the hip struggle to forge their own identities in their relationship; one wants to stick it out and the other feels stuck, leading to a painful choice.

Sonya Hayden


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