Love in the Time of Corona

Music & Lyrics by Sonya Hayden

Video by Sonya Hayden

To keep my spirits up during quarantine, I wrote this song and made a very silly music video to go with it.  Warning: includes gratuitous dancing with cleaning supplies.

The Princess Diaries

Book & Lyrics by Sonya Hayden; Music by Jaime Jarrett

15-year-old Mia Thermopolis just wants to survive 10th grade. But upon learning she is the heir to a small European kingdom, she must find her self-confidence and decide whether to become the princess of Genovia.  Based on the 2001 film.  Written for the BMI Workshop.

"A Princess"

Mia's intimidating grandmother Clarisse, the Queen of Genovia, gives Mia her first lesson on how to be a princess.

The Luckiest Girl: A New Musical

Book, music and lyrics by Sonya Hayden 

18-year-old Sarah gets involved in an experimental theater troupe in 1920s Greenwich Village. Through a process of self-discovery, she unexpectedly falls in love with Sam, another female troupe member.

"If I Didn't Know Better"

Sam is falling in love with Sarah but is unsure if Sarah feels the same.


Lyrics by Sonya Hayden; Music by Kristoffer Bjarke

From our new musical project exploring the Greek myths behind the constellations.

"I'm Here"

Andromeda is chained to a rock out at sea and about to be sacrificed to sea god Poseidon’s monster as punishment for her mother’s vanity.

Taking Off! A New Musical Farce

Lyrics by Sonya Hayden; Music by Matthew Lowy; Book by Rachel Sklar 


Enthusiastic but utterly inept flight attendant Cecelia bumbles through her first overseas flight, inadvertently thwarting a handsome Castilian passenger’s attempts to execute a diamond heist.

"The Sky Is the Limit"

The plane has taken off, and we meet Cecelia.

Crazy But True

Lyrics by Sonya Hayden; Music by Jon Hugo Ungar

Two awkward, lonely individuals find an unexpected connection in a subway station.

"Crazy But True (Part 1)"

An Inconvenient Sleuth

Princeton Triangle Club

"The Other Side"

Lyrics by Sonya Hayden & Sam Kaseta; Music by Sonya Hayden 

In a town where citizens strictly follow the letter of the law, one woman waiting for a broken crosswalk signal wonders what would happen if she jaywalked. (Song starts at 0:30 in video.)

"Money Isn't Everything"

Lyrics by Lauren Frost & Jake Robertson; Music by Sonya Hayden 

While investigating the mysterious disappearance of their town's mayor, a group of plucky teenagers attempt to question a suspicious wealthy local businessman. (Song starts at 1:25 in video.)

Sonya Hayden




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