Full-Length Musicals

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Book & lyrics by Sonya Hayden
Music by Kristoffer Bjarke

A new musical

Constellations (in development)

Book and lyrics by Sonya Hayden
Music by Kristoffer Bjarke

Full-length, drama, 8 actors (4M, 4F)

In this new adventure story set in mythological ancient Greece, intrepid Princess Andromeda tracks down Medusa with wannabe hero Perseus and healer-witch Asclepius in order to defeat sea god Poseidon’s monster before it comes to claim Andromeda's soul.  The show explores themes of fate, remembrance, and the meaning of heroism.  Listen here.

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Design by Julia Peiperl

The Luckiest Girl (in development)

Full-length, drama, 8 actors (2M, 6F)

When her mother dies, Sarah, a young, sheltered woman in 1920s New York City, is expected to be her elderly father's caretaker and marry into a wealthy family, but she longs for the kind of opportunities and freedom her twin brother has.  She finds a temporary escape from her life when she becomes secretly involved in a women-led experimental theater troupe in Greenwich Village.  As she finds herself falling in love with a female member of the troupe, she finds a new kind of freedom, self-confidence, and independence.  Listen here.

Book, music and lyrics by Sonya Hayden

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Dream a Little Dream

Full-length, comedy, 8 actors (4M, 4F)

Composer Neil battles financial and career decisions while caught in a love triangle. In a wacky dream sequence involving in-laws, widgets, and a judge that places his music on trial, Neil confronts his dilemmas Freudian-style.

Book, music, and lyrics by Sonya Hayden

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Princeton University Triangle Club

As a member of the Triangle Club Writers' Workshop, Sonya contributed music and lyrics for the shows Tropic BlunderAn Inconvenient Sleuthand Zero GravitasListen here.

Triangle Writers' Workshop 2015

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Full-Length Plays

Dental Tools in Pocket



By Sonya


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You can read Sonya's plays

on New Play Exchange:

Herr Dentist (in development)

Full-length, drama, 7 actors (4M, 3F)

In 1930s Germany, Hugo Schmidt struggles to make ends meet and dreams of becoming a world-famous dentist to powerful people.  When he is given the opportunity to be personal dentist to rising politician Adolf Hitler, he thinks it's his ticket to success.  As Hitler’s power increases, Schmidt’s fame as a dentist grows, but how far is he willing to go for his dreams of fame and fortune?

All the Way Home (in development)

Full-length, comedy, 7 actors (4M, 3F)

In a world of conniving mothers, tequila bottles, and Pilates classes, Mary struggles to reconcile society’s expectations for her with the life she wants to have. All the Way Home is a comedic and poignant exploration of relationships, self-discovery, and the childhoods we never leave behind.

One-Act Musicals


Crazy But True

Book and lyrics by Sonya Hayden

Music by Jon Hugo Ungar

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Wanda Does the Water Cycle

By Sonya Hayden

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It's a Hard-Rock Life

By Sonya Hayden

Crazy But True

10-minute, comedy, 2 actors (1M, 1F)

Stuck in unfulfilling jobs and feeling disillusioned with life, two quirky individuals in their 20s meet in a subway station and find an unexpected connection.  Listen here.

Wanda Does the Water Cycle

One-act, theater for young audiences, 4 actors (1M, 3F)

In this short musical for kids, precocious young water molecule Wanda visits the forbidden surface of her lake, where she promptly evaporates and, through learning about the water cycle, must figure out how to return home before the wind blows her off course.  Listen here.

It's a Hard-Rock Life

One-act, theater for young audiences, 4-13 actors (any gender)

In this short musical for kids, three awesome rock bands – Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic – vie for the title of Rock Star in a Battle of the Bands competition, trying to win over the audience with their moving origin stories and layer upon layer of rock puns.

Book and lyrics by Sonya Hayden
Music by Jon Hugo Ungar

Book, music, and lyrics by Sonya Hayden

Book and lyrics by Sonya Hayden
Music by Jon Hugo Ungar

One-Act Plays

Flying Chairs

There's Always Tomorrow

By Sonya Hayden

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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There's Always Tomorrow

One-act, drama, 2 actors (1M, 1F)

Determined Harper longs to explore the world beyond her conservative Southwest Virginia town but obstacles of marriage and motherhood constrain her as the years of her life slip away.  There’s Always Tomorrow is a poignant exploration of how our identities, relationships, and worldviews are shaped by our upbringing and the places we call home.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

One-act, comedy, 6 actors (3M, 3F)

In an animal-populated film noir-esque world, foxy fox heiress Isabella hires hardboiled Private Eye Zorro Valiente, who must confront a suspicious racoon, armadillo, and his archnemesis El Aterrador to find the thief threatening to steal Isabella’s priceless diamond anklet.

By Sonya Hayden


The Clumps

By Sonya Hayden

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What in Creation

Was That All About?

By Sonya Hayden

The Clumps

One-act, drama, 2 actors (1M, 1F)

A plucky American student meets a spry elderly Englishman on a hike in the British countryside, but neither is who they claim to be, and the surrounding hills hold a dark secret which threatens one or both of their lives.

What in Creation Was That All About?

One-act, comedy, 5 actors (4M, 1F)

This zany retelling of the biblical Creation story re-imagines God and his angels as a bunch of bros who decide to create Earth in seven days on a whim – much to the dismay of overworked angel Gabriel, who struggles to implement all of the wacky ideas in the limited time frame.

Short Plays






By Sonya Hayden

Baubles, Bangles, and Bankruptcy

10-minute play, comedy, 4 actors (2M, 2F)

Bauble makers Betsy and Billy clash over their commitment to their relationship and bedazzled handicrafts when their beloved baubles and bangles boutique goes bankrupt. Simultaneously, their younger selves open the boutique for the first time, brimming with hope for their future.  Will their glittering dreams of youth stand the test of time or are they as breakable as a bauble?

Magic Hat, Wand and Cards




By Sonya Hayden


By Sonya Hayden

Circus Act

Just Like Magic

10-minute, drama, 2 actors (1M, 1F)

Locked together in a closet by their children, unhappily married couple Marisa and Chris must deal with anger over Chris’ abrupt career shift to magician for children’s parties, forcing a decision about their commitment to their relationship.

Circus Act

5-minute, drama, 2 actors (any gender)

Two people conjoined at the hip struggle to forge their own identities in their relationship; one wants to stick it out and the other feels stuck, leading to a painful choice.

Sonya Hayden